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From the Pastor

MCC Hartford August 2019 Newsletter

Greetings, friends.

I hope you have found time amidst the heat wave(s) to cool off with friends and family and to take some time to vacation with rest and relaxation.

Already, the “back to school” sales are running and with school starting at the end of August we will soon after begin to see holiday displays for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Perhaps “back to school” is a place we should stop for a moment and catch our breath. Back to school might be something we adults (students of all ages) could do as well because the opportunity to learn presents itself all lifelong. If we indeed went on or went back to learn from the greatest of teachers, Jesus, we might recall that his ministry was specifically to the poor and those who were suffering. Jesus consistently sought out the vulnerable and marginalized with whom he ate, healed, included, and defended. The world so needs this lesson right now (to be ‘schooled’ on compassion, love, and justice), with the harm being done to these very same populations and people today. It seems an important lesson has been forgotten---that we are all children of God --- within, at, and beyond borders; borders and boundaries God does not draw. These, whom God calls beloved, must never be beyond the reach of our hearts and a helping hand.

As we enjoy the rest of summer, let us not wait until the end of August to go ‘back to school’ and to be reminded that the power of love can change lives and hearts. In fact, it always has. I am certain the teacher is waiting still for the student(s) to arrive.

Happy summer, dear ones. Happy studies. God’s school is in session. The subject---is love-- taught by the Teacher with great love. May we students share generously this lesson and the gift that asks only that we keep on giving. Amen!

Pastor Aaron