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From the Pastor

From Pastor Aaron, May 3, 2019

It is so good to be home from Sabbatical (South Africa was glorious!) and to celebrate Easter with my church family, family, and friends.  He is risen, just as he said!

In my March travels, I experienced communion with God’s earth, animals, people, and church (at Good Hope MCC in Cape Town).  I even had the great privilege to preach and it was on that very message: communion.  Scripture tells us in John 1:35-41 that Jesus’ first 2 disciples asked where Jesus was staying and Jesus said “Come and see.”  Jesus then spent the day with the two (not just a quick cup of coffee), intimately sharing his time and himself and they with him.  That first communion happened without the mention of food, though I am sure they ate at some point, it was not the focus and guides us that spending time and sharing ourselves with each other is the deeper and lasting communion…creating, nurturing, and nourishing relationships. 

In South Africa, I saw communion between zebras and giraffes as they grazed together and I experienced communion in Cape Town when we shared an evening and ourselves over dinner following the worship service.  Communion spans beyond differences and even species.

My prayer is that we look for and create opportunities for communion, yes, on Sundays during worship and also communion that extends beyond the table to places and people along our journey.  New friends and relationships are waiting to be made and love is the ‘meal’ we share. 

Happy Easter season dear friends, a time when new life abounds.  May the table be long and wide, inviting and welcoming all who might wish to “spend the day” with us, as well.  May it be so, Amen!

Gratefully and faithfully,
Pastor Aaron