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From the Pastor

MCC Hartford September 2019 Newsletter - HOMECOMING

Greetings, friends.

As the summer winds down, children go back to school, and Labor Day ushers in fall, we set aside a special Sunday as ‘Homecoming,’ a time when the church celebrates the seasons changing.

Seasons can bring a welcome change as we go from hot humid days to the brisk feel of autumn. We are reminded to follow social etiquette and change from light to darker colors in our clothing. Our diets also change as we set aside popsicles and watermelon for casseroles and baked pies.

‘Homecoming Sunday’ is a rich church tradition, when we celebrate and welcome the return back from vacations and summer schedules to begin a new church season.

I love the idea of ‘home coming’ and ‘coming home’ – back to the place where one feels special, appreciated, and loved. Where there is a sense of belonging and the feeling “there is nowhere else I would rather be.” It is that place where people smile as soon as they see you, reach for a hug, and you can feel (though they likely say it in words) how much you have been missed and how glad they are to see you.

THAT is what I feel when I am at MCC Hartford. HOME. I hope that is how you feel, too, whether it is the first time you visit or after many years of attending. This is a place where God’s presence and love is felt in, through, and all around us. HOME.

Hope to see you on Sunday September 8 for our Homecoming Sunday celebration (and the Sundays after!). See the smiles, enjoy the hugs, and know that we are glad you are with us. Welcome home Beloved of God. Welcome…HOME.

Pastor Aaron