There are many ways to get involved at MCC Hartford. Please contact us if you’re interested in one of these ministries.

Lay Minister

Lay ministers assist at the altar. They help with different aspects of the worship service, such as the call to worship, welcome to the communion table, community prayers, reading of the gospel, and individual prayer after communion. In addition, lay ministers may provide pastoral care or coordinate other ministries at MCCH. If you are interested in being trained as a lay minister, please email the church.

Worship Team

The worship team consists of those who volunteer to be greeters, acolytes (light the candles), ushers, communion servers, readers, and offering collectors. It also includes those who help set up and put away the elements for communion. Lay minister Len Domina directs this team of volunteers. You can email the church or speak with Len after worship if you are interested in any of these ministries.

Music Ministry

We have a wonderful and lively music ministry with Clyde Proch and Anne-Marie LaMotta on piano/organ and Donna Gerard and Jonathan Ford providing guitar music at our services. If you are interested in being a part of the volunteer choir or the music ministry in some way, please let the pastor know or you can also email the church.


Len Domina directs our hospitality ministry, that includes the greeters, and is generally responsible for welcoming visitors, friends, and members. Please see Len after church or send us an email if you’d like to help with this ministry.

Jerrett Wyant directs our fellowship ministry, coordinating the food provided for special occasions at MCCH as well as set up and clean up before/after fellowship. Please see Jerrett after church or send us an email if you’d like to help out with this ministry.

David Russell coordinates our monthly fundraising activities (chili cook-off, Valentine’s party, etc.) David and Donna Gerard work together to plan and hold our largest yearly fundraiser - our Anniversary Celebration - held in early November. Please send us an email or see David or Donna if you would like to help with events and fundraising.


There are a number of ways to get involved in our outreach ministry.

  • Locally, we are actively involved in events such as Hartford Pride, the Transgender Lives Conference, “Walk Against Hunger” (supporting Hands on Hartford and FoodShare), and the Kristallnacht Commemoration. We also host community events such as the Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20) each year.

  • Globally, we reach beyond our borders to support an emerging MCC church in Bogotá, Colombia and we have connected with Good Hope MCC in Cape Town, South Africa.

Please email the church if you are interested in any of these areas of ministry.


We have a passion for and are deeply committed to social justice in general and specifically for the LGBTQ community.  We organize for political/social action to preserve and further LGBTQ human and civil rights in CT and nationally. We are also actively involved in supporting immigrants and refugees. Social justice is a core belief of our faith that calls us to action to lift, empower and protect the most vulnerable among us. Please email the church to learn more or to get involved.

Social Justice

In various settings (including places of worship, hospitals, and universities), we provide education and training that raises awareness and sensitivity around gender identity. Trainings include helpful tips for making transgender people feel welcome, safe, and respected.  If you are interested in hosting a session or event for your group, please email the church.