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Worship Service Sunday 10:00am

Fellowship 11:45am 

Colt Memorial Parish House of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
155 Wyllys Street

Hartford, Connecticut

For an appointment or more information about our services, call 

Office: (860) 724-4605, Pastor Direct: 860-990-1225 email: mcchartford@aol.com

Winter is here!  When the weather is bad, please tune in to Channel 3 or 30 for the latest in cancellations or delays, or visit our Facebook page by clicking the picture below.



Vision Statement:


  MCC Hartford is a healthy, growing church that is valued and respected in the community. We strive to create and sustain social justice through action and are a church where people connect with God and with each other, feel valued and inspired, and are challenged to grow spiritually.


Mission Statement:  

  Metropolitan Community Church of Hartford exists to offer everyone the opportunity to experience the liberating love of Christ.           


Our Message:

(Under Construction)

Guiding Principles:  

  Our Guiding Principles, our Core Beliefs that underlie our faith, are that we proclaim the Gospel, create and nurture inclusivity and community, and embody social action and justice.


We Proclaim the Gospel By:  

  Revealing the good news of Gods all-inclusive love to people of diverse cultures, sexual orientations and gender identities

  Reclaiming the heritage of the Bible and the Christian tradition for people of diverse cultures, sexual orientations and gender identities 
  Being seen, heard and known in our communities and region

We Create & Nurture Community By:

Striving to be an inclusive Christ-centered community that loves and accepts all people unconditionally

Companioning people along their spiritual journey

Celebrating the diversity that makes us strong and whole

 We Embody Social Action & Justice by:


Advocating for social and economic justice, peace, equality, liberation in the world

Partnering with other faith communities and community organizations



MCC Hartford Staff

Reverend Aaron Miller, Pastor

Gary Collier, Director of Music

Lay Ministers: Paul Cooke, Jay Gonzales, Roy Moeckel, Bonnie Whelan


Board of Directors

Rev. Aaron Miller (Moderator)

Gary Collier, Paul Cooke, Len Domina, Pat Williams, David Russell, Bonnie Whelan


Worship Team

The Pastor, Lay Ministers

Organist Clyde Proch

Prayer Chain:  To request prayers, please contact one of the pastors or

Bonnie Whelan at mcchartford@aol.com

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MCC Hartford exists to offer all people the opportunity to experience the liberating love of Christ.